Federal regulations usurp the power and liberty of the voters, circumvent Congress and simultaneously impose a stealth despotism upon a nation. Regulations are one of the most effective methods of determining whether or not a nation will have two classes of people – a political class and a class of serfs.

There’s a big difference between the words regulation and legislation, and you should know what it is. Regulation is dictating law without the input of the public. Politicians cleverly use regulatory agencies to make themselves feel significant and moral, while duping uninformed voters into believing they’re involved in the political process. Worst yet, many voters believe we’re still free. On the other hand, legislation is the byproduct of lawmakers who were voted in by the will of the people, who typically go to Washington or your state’s capital to work for your best interest. Primarily, legislators are supposed to protect your freedoms, not take them away.

One of the most recent examples of regulations gone wild, is the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) ban on e-cigarette sales to minors last week. Stories like this garner little attention from the press because they’re boring. However, besides health care, illegal immigration and today’s left-wing indoctrination camps known as universities, regulations inflict the most damage on otherwise free societies. According to The Daily Signal, more than 40 states already ban e-cigarette sales. The FDA decision will of course mean the beginning of a nationwide ban. That darn water vapor! I suppose boiling water for hotdogs and tea are next on the FDA’s hit list.

The FDA moved to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors due to a federal study that showed the use of these products had doubled in recent years amongst high school and middle school students. Personally, I wonder if the increased use of e-cigarettes means that fewer kids are smoking cigarettes by substituting nicotine smoke with water vapor.

Nonetheless, let me be emphatically clear. I can’t stand cigarette smoke! Particularly, when some moronic chain smoker in a restaurant believes the fumes must go well with my chicken fettuccine Alfredo. Having said that, water vapor isn’t cigarette smoke! Besides, as a patriot, I respect the right of any business owner to allow their customers to smoke, whether it’s tobacco smoke or e-cigarettes, in his or her establishment. If they don’t have specialized seating for non-smokers, I take my business elsewhere. The point is, Americans’ ability to choose their own lifestyles is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and sadly most voters aren’t aware, or even worse, they don’t care. Tyranny in America is trending faster than Twitter.

As if the regulations weren’t punitive enough, the Heritage Foundation further explained that the FDA kept a controversial grandfather date that e-cigarette companies say could cripple their businesses. It would require e-cigarette products to be reviewed by the FDA before going to market. The magic date is Feb. 15, 2007. Therefore, products made before that date don’t need agency approval. Here’s the problem: Most e-cigarette products weren’t on the market yet. As a result, business owners, aka job creators, will have to get approval from the FDA for inventory already on their shelves. Fortunately, Congress stepped in to move the grandfather date to when the regulations are finalized. Unfortunately, they didn’t stop the regulation from moving forward.

Question. Did any of your representatives ever contact you to find out whether or not you agreed with Obama’s FDA’s decision to penalize e-cigarette businesses? Of course not. Regulations, by definition, don’t need you to be a part of the political process.

If the power of the people is going to increase, regulatory agencies must be abolished. At the very least, Congress should limit the funding of these agencies through its “power of the purse.” Simply put, if you want your voice to be heard, regulatory agencies such as the FDA need to be neutered.

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