If TLC were really concerned about protecting the innocence of young sex victims from youthful offenders they’d run a special with Josh Duggar on the effects of sexual abuse upon minors by minors. Secondly, they’d inform their audience on effective methods of curing potential perpetrators and healing their victims. As a person who’s experienced the effects of molestation in my own family, by dealing with Josh’s problem swiftly and head-on the Duggar’s illustrated why and how we should confront sexual abuse perpetrated upon a child when a family member is responsible for causing the pain.

Let’s face it, were Josh Duggar a leftist proponent of simulated marriage by gay couples, and been accused of “forcefully fondling” five underage boys as an adolescent male himself, he’d be applauded by gay activists for being “in touch with who he really is -a kid just being curious.” Were he Roman Polanski he’d be defended by Hollywood elitists for drugging and sodomizing an underage female. Were he Bill Clinton or Lena Dunham he might even be able to pen a book after his sexually grotesque rendezvous became a matter of public knowledge. But he’s a Christian conservative. Therefore, words like regret, repentance, restitution, resign (which he did from The Family Research Council) and redemption fail to resonate with liberals that are eager to undermine God in order to advance or justify their own moral depravity.

Josh’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle handled the situation admirably. Once Josh confessed what he did to his parents, without hesitation they took him to the cops, as well as to the families involved where he again confessed his crime. As a result, Jim Bob and Michelle paid for both Josh and his victims to receive the counseling they needed to get through that terrible time in their young lives.

This is the perfect example on how to deter a 14-year old boy from becoming a serial pervert into adulthood; you bring his darkness to the light in front of family, law enforcement, the victims and their families and a professional counselor. TLC shouldn’t run away from this issue they should embrace it! Why? Imagine the potential abuse that could be thwarted if they spotlighted this issue in order to discourage youthful offenders while simultaneously providing a platform for young victims to speak out.

Simply put, Josh’s story is one of redemption. Shouldn’t we want that for all of our young sexual offenders?


  1. Wow.! I’m sure how you did it, but after discovering you today, and reading 3 of your articles, its as if you spoke my mind with every word.! That doesn’t happen often.

    Thanks for Taking a Stand


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