Where sin abounds grace does much more abound. I’m confident that Charleston, SC won’t become the next Ferguson or Baltimore despite the president or his Justice Departments egging it on. There are simply too many praying people in “the holy city” of Charlseton. The people of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church led by Reverend Clementa Pinckney have bared a tragedy no one should endure, and yet the church of Christ is showing the world how to unite in the midst of tragedy and grief. Having said that, it’s time for the church to rise up and be intolerant of evil racists everywhere whether their name is Dylann Storm Roof or Barack Hussein Obama!

I can only imagine what must have crossed Dylann Roof’s mind as he observed the riots of Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland unfold. A psychopathic racist fueled by hate took in the visual stimuli that would serve as the clarion call for race wars in his evil mind. Every single chant of “hands up, don’t shoot,” and “no justice, no peace” would only embolden him. Maybe the president would come in and speak words of peace – calm the storm. He didn’t. Instead he used identity politics to federalize local police departments. In Dylann Roofs mind, blacks were taking over and the time to stop them was now.

Two “isms” helped to create Dylann Roof…racism and leftism. In today’s society we’re no longer challenged to consider moral cause and effect. We’ve removed God from the public square and replaced Him with Instagram and Twitter. Every millenial wants to be famous for something even if it’s evil or mundane, and as evidenced by the victim he left behind “to tell the world what happened,” he wanted to be famous for murdering blacks. Obama didn’t shoot the gun, but by creating an atmosphere of racial division, he certainly has contributed to the mindset that brings out the worst in racist of all colors.

Carl, “don’t make this political!” Why not!? We’ve asked God to leave our schools, universities, our places of business and employment, our entertainment venues, our marriages, and even some of our houses of worship. Because He’s a gentleman He listened. Isn’t the political sphere amongst the places God is needed most? Shouldn’t Obama be working to unite Americans?

Dylann Roof is solely responsible for the murders of the nine victims that attended the Bible study that fateful day and I hope he gets the death penalty. But we can’t go on pretending that race-baiters don’t create fertile ground that incentivize racist bigots to take action, then tear down anyone that has the courage to speak the truth. Most presidents enter into office with the hopes of creating an economic environment that will help Americans thrive. Obama on the other hand, seems to get a thrill from stoking the racial embers that may remain smoldering in hidden corners.

Random acts of evil will always occur on this side of eternity. But when they do, leaders don’t lecture, they carry us through to the other side. I suppose, I shouldn’t be surprised about President Obama’s knee jerk reaction to the Charleston shooting. The opportunity to exploit dead black bodies has never been above his pay grade. The truth of the matter is people of faith, particularly Christians, are being slaughtered at the hands of ISIS daily yet Obama remains silent. Why? Because it doesn’t fit his agenda to “fundamentally transform” America.

It’s time for powder puff Christians to wake up! I’ve heard many Christians ask “how could such an evil act happen in the House of God?” If Christ was beaten, humiliated and crucified we can’t expect to live life happily ever after when we profess His name.

Lastly, President Obama is trained in the art of agitation. As we’ve already seen, he refuses to let a “good crisis” go to waste. Before the bodies of the victims had grown cold, our president had determined to make this a Second Amendment issue. In response to those that would seek to have us waiver on our Second Amendment rights, I have a question to ask. When evil as dark as Dylann Roof lifts its ugly head, wouldn’t you rather someone with a gun kill him and protect those nine innocent black Christians?

Black lives matter right, or do they?