Charleston: The Unintended Consequences of A Racially Divisive President


  1. Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite she was quoted to say the confederate flag belongs no where in America. Yet she Bill , Al Gore and Jimmy Carter have pandered to southern conservative with the very same flag since the 1976 election. Jimmy stood in front of a confederate flag in the 1976 and 1980 elections. Even though it is really the flag of Robert E Lee’s army of Virginia based on the St Andrews cross of Scotland but uses stars. The first confederate flag had a blue background with twine red stripes changed because it looked to much like the union flag. The second flag had the battle jack with white background changed because it looked too much like a surrender flag so they gave it a horizontal red stripe of course their is the Bonnie blue a star in a Bonnie blue background. In any case Bill Clinton and Al Gore used confederate battle jack buttons in their 1992 new sons of the south election campaign. Hillary used the confederate flag in buttons in 2008 and for her 2016 election campaign confederate flag flip flops she ordered a million wonder what she ‘ll do with them. She can sell them at fairs in the Kingston Ontario Canada fair last year vendors sold confederate flag knock offs with skulls, motor cycles Git er done and the south will rise again along side Bob Marley flags with Jamaica and Lion of Zion flags. The recent mass shooting should be asking how racist is South Carolina with or with out the confederate flag. It was raised to protest the civil rights movement in the 1960s and should have been taken off the the state capital though not memorials, museums businesses nor private homes long ago. The next question is how high school drop out drug addict having trouble with the law get a Glock 43 pistol. As for the confederate flag while the confederate states had 2,100,000 slaves the union had 400,000 slaves in union occupied New Orleans, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri so the stars and stripes are not so pure. I’m sure they will blame Rhodesia and South Africa flags next while Rhodesia was founded as a mining venture and the thief of land from the native population in 1893. Named after Cecil Rhodes the country left the British commonwealth November 11 1965 over fears of black majority rule though ironically by 1978 Rhodesia had black majority rule. Because of education affirmative action and military service Rhodesia army was 70% black. Furthermore it is doubtful the murder knew the two Boer republics in the South Africa flag Orange free State and Transvaal.

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