Barring Trump’s untimely demise, a populist libertarian taking significant votes away from the soon-to-be president in 2020, a meteor strike, Jesus’ return, or Trump voluntarily relinquishing the White House to Vice President-elect Mike Pence in four years, I believe Trump will easily win re-election, even if he doesn’t build a wall.

Two months ago, you couldn’t have convinced me that no matter who won the presidential election, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, either would be more than a one-term president. I don’t believe that’s the case anymore. Trump has driven the left so bat crazy they legitimately believe that their machinations of eliminating the Electoral College are possible. Additionally, they’re likely to nominate the left-wing radical Keith Ellison as their new DNC chairman, thereby, proving they learned absolutely nothing from their stunning defeat on Nov 8.

While the left remains in mass hysteria over Hillary’s loss, Trump is busy eroding their base, and their leaders don’t have enough sense to pause and realize it. Hollywood elites and left-wing media are desperately attempting to delegitimize his victory. Yet, it’s their fault he won. Conservatives, Republicans and blue-collar men and women alike were fed up with the biased media that took us all for fools. Trump capitalized on that despite the fact he was chosen by them, the left, to be our nominee!

The Democratic media picked John McCain in 2008, Mitt Romney in 2012 and, yes, Donald Trump in 2016 by treating them all with kid gloves during the primary and giving them more media attention than their opponents. What they weren’t banking on was that Trump would be more media savvy than they all were. Now that the left-wing media has lost much of their credibility, Trump wisely uses them as a whipping board to advance his own narrative. As long as President-elect Trump can continue to convince his new converts that helped break down the blue walls of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan that the media are corrupt, Democrats are going to have an increasingly difficult task using their reliable allies to demonize any policy decision Trump makes.

But, it doesn’t stop there. The same is true for Republicans. They’re rightfully salivating at the chance to implement their policy agendas such as repealing Obamacare and ridding job creators of many burdensome regulations that prevent them from hiring new workers. However, Trump’s base is loyal to him – not them.

This was evident when Speaker Paul Ryan joined him on the “Thank you tour” earlier this week and Trump described Ryan as a “fine wine,” but quickly reminded the speaker that the moment he disagreed with him, he’d throw him under the bus. Therefore, if Donald Trump decides to grow the size and scope of the federal government by advocating for another useless stimulus package, who’s going to stop him? Paul Ryan? Mitch McConnell? Give me a break! Republicans are going to do whatever it takes to keep their Democratic converts in their camp. If that means cutting regulations so coal miners can feed their families, they’ll do it. If it means sustaining parts of a socialized health-care system to make Democrats happy, damn the Constitution, they’ll do it. Why? Because Trump is steering the ship, and everyone knows it.

Lastly, Trump is slowly but surely winning over the cultural and racial elites. When you have Kanye West, whose wife, Kim Kardashian, is the reality star queen, and NFL Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Ray Lewis show up at Trump Tower, you can bet their admirers are watching. Republicans need to convey a message to the average man, no matter party affiliation, religion, or ethnicity – “we’re for you.” It’s simple. Trump gets it! He connects with the average man. We don’t have to agree with people to find some areas of commonality that can create a national environment where every American believes he or she can thrive.

Just to reiterate, I’m cautiously optimistic about President-elect Trump. I’m going to praise him when he advances constitutional and conservative principles, and I’ll knock him when he doesn’t. It’s not a stretch to believe he could be as good for the country as Ronald Reagan, or as bad for the country as Lyndon B. Johnson. I believe he’ll come closer to the former. Having said that, he’s got the Republicans, Democrats and their cronies in the media in the palm of his hands. As “we the people,” let’s not let him forget who’s really in charge.