With the exception of Kramer, it appears as if the CNBC moderators were on a mission to do Hillary’s bidding, undermine capitalism and have the GOP candidates go at each others throats. For the most part it didn’t work. Unfortunately, Jeb Bush and John Kasich took the bait. So here’s my observation:

  1. Ted Cruz had the best night by heaping coals on the CNBC moderators. He looked big. They looked small.
  2. Marco Rubio arguably came in a close second by schooling Jeb Bush, and going after the left’s SuperPac – mainstream media.
  3. Trump came in third. He was effective in his answers, he put John Kasich in his place. Finally, an attack that seemed justified.
  4. Chris Christie solidified his place as the top “establishment dog” over Bush and Kasich.
  5. Carly Fiorina gave great substantive answers, but seemed to disappear.
  6. Ben Carson didn’t have his best night, but I don’t believe it will hurt him in the polls. He looked very presidential.
  7. Mike Huckabee was consistent and provided great zingers. I’m doubtful it was enough to move him up in the polls.
  8. Rand Paul seemed angry and too small for the moment. He has great domestic ideas, but is unable to connect with the audience like his dad. He should stay in the senate where he’s greatly needed.
  9. John Kasich sounded as if he was running for Hillary’s VP slot. it was over for him once he went after Donald Trump. Trump got the best of him. Kasich seemed petulant.
  10. Jeb Bush is done! It was a bad idea to attack Rubio on his senate absences. Rubio was ready for him, and pimp slapped him with facts about Obama and McCain’s senate attendance when they were running for president. Jeb appeared desperate and small.

Frankly, we should shrink the GOP field down to eight candidates – maybe nine, before the Wisconsin debate. Two will surprise you. Keep Trump, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina and Christie where they are. Promote Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum up from the “kiddie” table, and call it a day. it’s time for the others to cut their losses.



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