Corn belongs in peoples’ bellies, not their beemerz. If the left really cared for the poor as they claim, they’d use warm weather to grow food rather than government bureaucracies like the EPA. Green isn’t just the new red, it’s the new god!

Leftists have bought into “man-made” global warming hysteria, not due to scientific reasoning, but out of moral necessity. Everyone wants a moral cause to champion; we all want our lives to matter. This is particularly true when you worship yourself rather than God.

Hollywood hypocrites live some of the most immoral lifestyles, yet, they find solace, in believing they’re saving the world and others from certain impending doom due to carbon emissions. When you live by subjective truth, as most liberals do, the modus operandi is to denigrate and replace those who hold traditional values for people who will accept new values, or, what I like to call the “new morality,” to feel better about one’s self.

As a result, those who buck moral relativism for traditional values, become necessarily evil. Unlike God, big government has become more appealing to liberals because it doesn’t judge one’s motives. Therefore, liberals flock to Uncle Sam because he’s easier to please – albeit, more expensive to maintain. And, of course, there’s the added bonus of not having to attend church on a perfectly good Sunday.

Unfortunately, those who suffer most at the hands of this new morality, which is no morality at all, are the poor. While Hollywood elitists continue to fly on their private jets, drive their SUVs, Bentleys and sports cars on the way to their next lucrative job or awards ceremony, average Americans are watching their monthly budgets expand while their purchasing power decreases. In a Daily Signal article titled, “Finally, America may be catching on to ethanol racket,” the columnist wrote, “The results of the Iowa caucus proved that even Iowans – long seen as fervent proponents of ethanol – don’t view Washington’s favoritism to it as necessarily still required.” Hence, the victory of Ted Cruz, the first Republican Latino ever to win the Iowa caucus or any presidential primary, while arguing for a five-year gradual elimination of ethanol subsidies.

One has to ask: How did Iowans arrive at their conclusion? According to the column, they realized that the mandate is harmful in numerous ways, particularly to the working class. For one, ethanol only has two-thirds the energy content of petroleum-based gas. This causes drivers to pay more at the pump even though they’re logging fewer miles on the road. In Hollywood and Washington, this may not be a big deal. But in everyday America, gas prices can drastically affect a family’s lifestyle. Additionally, the Renewable Fuel Standard imposed upon Americans by the GOP Congress in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and doubled down upon by the Democrat Congress in the 2007 Energy Independence Security Act have neither reduced our dependence on oil nor protected us from fluctuating prices at the pump, as politicians claimed.

The Daily Signal also reported that the Renewable Fuel Standard artificially diverts food to fuel, driving up prices at the grocery store.

Just a few short years ago, 40 percent of America’s corn crop went to ethanol production. Today, the amount of corn used to produce ethanol in America surpassed the entire corn consumption of Africa and any single country except China. Sadly, producers aren’t converting corn to fuel because it’s profitable, but because it’s a government mandate. Consequently, since corn is such an important ingredient in so many foods for humans and feed for animals, Americans are paying more for their meals – home cooked and otherwise.

I can imagine some of you global-warming moralists might be saying, “But at least we’re keeping the environment clean, moron!” Ooh, sorry. Unfortunately, the First Leftist Church of the EPA in Washington has projected that nitrous oxides, hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, ground level-ozone and ethanol vapor emissions, as well as other pollutants, do increase at varying points in both the production and use of ethanol.




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