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Black and Happy, Happy, Happy: 8 Reasons why the Left Fear Duck Dynasty

Black and Happy, Happy, Happy: 8 Reasons why the Left Fear Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty

The Duck Dynasty controversy seems to have faded into the night like a set of tail lights from a ’68 Chevy Camaro with a sixteen year old at the wheel trying to show off his ride to his friends. The Patriarch of the Robertson family, Phil Robertson shared his perspectives on homosexuality, as well as his experience with race relations amongst his black peers growing up on farmland in Louisiana. The intolerant Leftist from GLAAD called A&E personally to exclaim they were offended. When that didn’t work, leaders from the NAACP and Jesse Jackson jumped on the bandwagon to express their phony outrage. But the head of the Duck Commander posse didn’t offend these people; he exposed them for the intolerant bigots they are. Here’s why they fear Phil:
1.) Duck Dynasty has reestablished manhood in our wimpy culture; the men of the family are rugged and tough, responsible, protective of their wives and kids, comfortable in their own skin, and not to mention good providers.
2.) Duck Dynasty illustrates family is more effective for advancing society than government; notice the trickle down success passed down through the three generations that we watch on the show, and I’m not just talking money, but morality. Government has been trying to imitate this same type of success since FDR’s New Deal welfare program’s to no avail.
3.) Duck Dynasty ain’t no Honey Boo’ Boo’; A&E was hoping for more redneck idiots America could laugh at, but instead they got educated, Christian, and fun loving businessman that Americans love.
4.) Duck Dynasty is a genuine rags to riches feel good story; the Robertson family has blown a whole in the “income inequality,” and “white privilege” arguments Democrats use to keep poor people in a free market America convinced that they can’t succeed by working hard to bring your dreams to fruition.
5.) Duck Dynasty often illustrates that citizens are a better help than government; recall the shows where the Robertson’s have been the first on scene to help their friends and neighbors, whether it be a physical circumstance like moving and installing a jacuzzi, having them over for dinner and dessert, or taking them hunting. In other words, they’ve helped others personally, physically, and intimately. These attributes make people better.
6.) Duck Dynasty destroys the “evil CEO” myth; Come on, you wouldn’t love Willie Robertson as your boss? Let’s face it, I know it’s television but this appears to be a man that treats some of his employee’s as if they’re family. He provides jobs, extends friendship, and seems to balance it effectively.
7.) Duck Dynasty has raised up a new culture of righteousness in an increasingly decadent America; before this show aired would you have imagined a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-marriage, pro-prayer television show becoming the number one show on all of cable TV? Me neither! I contend that when many militants on the left watch this show they’re unable to enjoy it as much as I do because it holds up a mirror to their soul.
8.) Duck Dynasty wives throw a wrench in the Leftist feminist movement; it seems that in todays culture more women are acting like men, talking like men, and some even dressing and looking more like men in order to be called women. What’s up with that!? The Robertson wives are elegant, smart, and beautiful, not to mention stay at home wives who serve as the backbone for the ongoing success of their Duck Commander business. These are the women that Leftist want to degrade and leave behind all because they act like women. I’m no Alanis Morrisette, but isn’t this ironic?
The bottom line is this: I haven’t seen such wholesome television since The Cosby Show, and Little House on The Prairie. And guess what? America loves it! If these shows aren’t rooted in who we are, they’re rooted in who we want to become as people, family members, and even entrepreneurs. Everyone longs for a healthy family, and everyone wants to know their role within that family. All of these shows have inspired Americans to be better not bigots, unfortunately I can’t say the same for too many other shows on A&E or television period.


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