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Stand 4 Life

It’s so sad to think that abortion has actually become a political platform that Americans vote for, but it has. The question is how do we reverse the trend? And as Christians are we up to the challenge?

Last Saturday I participated in my first ever protest against abortion with the national movement Stand 4 Life. I must admit I was just as skeptical as I was nervous to participate. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect from passerby’s. I was skeptical because I’m never certain if protests are the most effective weapon in the Christian arsenal. I think it’s easy for the church to get caught up in symptomatic issues rather than the disease, or core issue…God. I try to be careful not to do that, although I don’t always succeed.
But there we stood on Highway 50 camped out on the sidewalk near a Planned Parenthood facility, our mouths covered with the red tape that had the word “LIFE” tattooed on front. The tape is symbolic, we were the voice for those who had no voice…unborn babies. The response was amazingly positive. As cars passed many people honked their horns in approval, and others gave us a thumbs up. I stood there praying with approximately 30 others for the doctors, women and all proponents of abortion in America. As I asked for God’s forgiveness on our nation and petitioned Him to end the practice in America, I couldn’t help but to think this is our fault. By “our” I mean believers. Perhaps, we haven’t had abortions ourselves, but we haven’t done much to stop them either. Roe vs. Wade is nothing more than a tangible consequence of lukewarm Christianity. For decades now apathy has reigned supreme within many church walls. But the tide is turning, and It’s so exciting to see!
Ministries like Stand 4 Life and The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, are making a difference by calling attention to the legal genocide in our country that is abortion. Now pastors must take the torch and educate their congregations on who God is and why it matters. Notice I didn’t say pastors must preach against abortion (although that’s a good thing), but on who God is. Preaching on abortion without first helping believers to understand who God is is like putting the cart before the horse. It’s not as effective! But when Christians understand that God is just, it becomes harder to make excuses. When they understand that God is loving, they will understand that He is committed to our well being. When they understand He’s merciful it becomes increasingly difficult to run from Him. When Christians believe God is omnipresent they realize there’s no hiding from Him. When they understand God is holy, purity becomes a goal. When Christians realize God is absolute truth they’ll learn to defend the faith. When they learn God is faithful they’ll rely on his promises, and when they understand God as Creator they’ll disdain abortion (see www.DiscoverGod.com).
If you haven’t recently, take the time to read Psalms 139. For all the skepticism I may have had about protesting, it felt amazing to Stand 4 Life with other Christians who were no longer willing to basque in the arena of complacency. The answer to America’s problems is God. The sooner Christians take hold of this truth, America will be a better place because of it.