Once you go without lack, you never go back! Such is the case with former President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

The left was all bent out of shape when they found out the ex-president, their socialist hero, was no longer down with the po’ folk because he was accepting speaking fees of $400,000. They still haven’t realized Democratic politicians themselves have no desire to be poor, much like us evil capitalists.

What Democrats really want is for their constituents to remain poor so they perpetually depend on government, thereby electing Democrats for the foreseeable future so they have job security in Washington and state capitals around the country. The truth is, except for very few far left-wing activists, no one is motivated by socialism. The left wants to be just as successful as their employers. They just don’t want to work to get there.

For the life of me I can’t understand why leftists don’t see this. You would think the Obamas’ $65 million book deal would’ve given them a clue. Then again, I’m certain most Democrats would argue the Obamas were deserving of such a huge book deal given the historic nature of their administration – being America’s first biracial president and all. Sorry, I had to sneak that one in.

I’d argue that the Obamas were motivated by fame, fortune and power. Neither one of them grew up “lacking,” despite being black. President Obama was raised by his wealthy grandparents, and Michelle Obama’s dad worked for the city of Chicago and was a precinct captain for the local Democratic Party. This isn’t to say their lives were without struggle. Let’s just say they both grew up more privileged than most blacks. So, what made them radicals for the left? I’m glad you asked.

Thank God for the Kardashians! I bet you thought you’d never hear me say that. That makes the two of us. The Kardashian name is synonymous with big butts, beautiful faces, glitz, glamour and deep pockets. After Kylie Jenner’s handsome donation of $1 million to Smile Train, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support and corrective surgery for children in developing countries with the birth condition known as cleft palate, according to ET online.com, you can add the word “generous” to that list.

Kylie, the 19-year-old reality TV star and youngest daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner (now living as Caitlyn), was photographed holding baby Mia at the Delgado Clinic in Lima, Peru. Baby Mia had recently undergone surgery for her cleft palate at the clinic. Fans of Kylie Jenner who grew up watching the Kardashians may know that she was very insecure about her looks on the show, particularly concerning her lips (don’t ask me how I know that). Can you imagine all the pressure to look great growing up as a younger sister of the Kardashian brand? I get it, first-world problem. Nonetheless, this explains her own dramatic transformation over the last few years due to plastic surgery. This may also explain why she’s gravitated towards an organization like Smile Train that specializes in repairing cleft lips/palates for children in developing countries who are often raised in incomprehensible living conditions.

This wasn’t the only time Kylie helped out Smile Train. Just last year she lent her celebrity and entrepreneurial prowess to the nonprofit by selling $29 special-edition lip kits to raise approximately $500,000 for the organization. ET online explained, that much money can fund 1,800 surgeries for children born with cleft lip and/or palates. 1,800 surgeries!

This story is illustrative of why class warfare doesn’t belong in American politics. It’s also why capitalism, when practiced properly, is such an amazing force for good. You can have all the money in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have a heart of compassion and generosity for others. Generosity isn’t a math issue; it’s an issue of the heart. Can you imagine how much people could help others in need if they utilized their God-given gifts to make money that could be used to help others? It’s nice to see people donate their time and talents to charity and nonprofits, but what leftists often and, I’d argue, conveniently forget is that it takes money to provide the resources for these charities.

Put simply, nonprofits need for-profits and people of wealth to thrive.

For all the negatives we may feel about the Kardashian clan, in this case, I want to say kudos to Kylie Jenner for using her celebrity to bring healing to children in need.