On this podcast of Tell Like It Is with Carl Jackson Carl speaks about Abraham Lincoln and how he should be praised and not cancelled. The left is trying to divide and put us under a one party...
On this podcast show Carl Jackson speaks to how the Obama Administration was riddled with Scandal.
NO REPRESENTATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION https://soundcloud.com/thecarljacksonshow/no-representation-without-representation
Open Convention Here We Come https://soundcloud.com/thecarljacksonshow/open-convention-here-we-come
Strategic Voting: Right Reaction, Wrong Solution https://soundcloud.com/thecarljacksonshow/strategic-voting-right-reaction-wrong-solution
Trumpnosis MMA Style - Live From The Awakening 2016 https://soundcloud.com/thecarljacksonshow/trumpnosis-mma-style-live-from-the-awakening-2016
Antonin Scalia's Death Brings New Life To Senate Races https://soundcloud.com/thecarljacksonshow/antonin-scalias-death-brings-new-life-to-senate-races
How Open Primaries Kill Conservatism Open primaries kill conservatism by contributing to the dilution of conservative thought. https://soundcloud.com/thecarljacksonshow/how-open-primaries-kill-conservatism
Are You A Voter The Founders Would Be Proud Of? https://soundcloud.com/thecarljacksonshow/are-you-a-voter-the-founders-would-be-proud-of
"WINNING" IS NOT SYNONYMOUS WITH LIBERTY I use some of this weeks top stories to break down the Separation-of-Powers and why they must be maintained so we're not bullied by politicians. https://soundcloud.com/thecarljacksonshow/winning-is-not-synonymous-with-liberty
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