Unless you’re a liberal, you’ve probably never heard of Dorothy Bland. She recently wrote a column for the Dallas Morning News entitled “I was caught ‘walking while black,’” after claiming she was stopped by two white police officers in her own neighborhood for simply exercising. It provoked a great deal of response from people empathetic to her plight all across the nation. The problem? Chica was straight up lyin’!

Dorothy Bland wasn’t guilty of “walking while black” as she professed in her column. In fact, she was only stopped for safety purposes. She was unable to hear the pickup truck directly behind her that could’ve flattened her like a pancake. Neither was she able to hear the subsequent Corinth police squad car that pulled up behind her, which required that the officers flash the lights of their patrol car to get her attention. They didn’t turn on the siren. I suppose they didn’t want to embarrass or startle her. And why couldn’t she hear the vehicles that could’ve introduced her to Jesus sooner than later? I’ll tell you why. Dorothy Bland was wearing earbuds as she took her morning stroll in the middle of the freakin’ road! Isn’t that just like a liberal to act like they’re entitled to roads we all share – minus the spandex and over-priced bicycle?

The officers weren’t harassing her! They were helping her! They even went so far as to advise her to walk facing traffic so that she’d be aware of an oncoming vehicle, in the event she had to jump out of the way. There encounter was brief and cordial.

This is what’s wrong with black America today. It’s become more popular to be a self-proclaimed victim of “pretend racism” than it is to be a successful educator, as Dorothy Bland is. That’s right! Dorothy Bland is the dean of the Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism and the director for the Frank W. Mayborn Graduate Institute of Journalism at the University of Texas. Despite her impressive resume, Bland felt a need to bolster her “street cred” rather than to simply tell the truth. I have to wonder if she would’ve even considered pulling such a stunt pre-President Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement. And consider what could’ve gone wrong! She could’ve provoked riots and even more cop killing.

I miss the days when educators were amongst the group of people you could trust. Keep in mind, Dorothy Bland is in charge of staff and students at a school of journalism! With deans like this, is there any wonder so many journalists today shape the news rather than report the news?

On more than one occasion, Bland emphasized in her column that she was wearing a “hoodie.” She even went so far as to write “I had no interest in my life’s story playing out like Trayvon Martin’s death.” Furthermore she invoked the names of Freddie Gray and Sandra Bland – two black people who died while in police custody. Are you kidding me?! Unless she tackled a complete stranger to the ground after sucker punching him in the face, performing MMA-style ground and pound on the victim like she was training for the UFC, all the while slamming the victim’s head unto the concrete, why would she end up like Trayvon Martin?

What a missed opportunity. Instead of using her influence to show blacks how to properly behave when stopped by cops, she showed us what to do to perpetuate racial divisiveness – and to receive attaboys from “virtual friends.” How sick is that?

Ms. Bland lives in a well-to-do neighborhood in Corinth, Texas, a predominantly white neighborhood. Do you know why she chose that neighborhood to reside in? I’ll tell you. White affluent neighborhoods are a whole lot safer for blacks than predominantly minority neighborhoods. Dorothy Bland’s ‘hood was so safe she had to create a fairytale to try and relate to us peons.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/11/journalism-dean-caught-lying-while-black/#5Q8vai80IiGCPo2H.99



  1. “Do you know who I am?” The more successful, the more powerful, the more privileged…the more embarrassed for doing something stupid and being caught. This is a natural, immature, emotional reaction. What is not forgivable is succumbing to the group think to not just cover up, but to broadcast a lie. Prof. Bland has failed my course.


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