If I told you more of our troops died in Afghanistan under President Obama than President George W. Bush, would you believe me? It’s true!

According to iCasualties.org, a website dedicated to documenting and remembering coalition military fatalities overseas, 630 U.S. troops died in Afghanistan under Bush 43′s leadership, and to date, a whopping 1,742 troops have died in combat under President Obama’s leadership. I guess when you rename combat “kinetic activity,” the media aren’t obligated to report the truth.

Regardless of how you may feel about war, it was Democrat presidents who led us into some of America’s most tumultuous ones. For instance, it was President Woodrow Wilson who led us into World War I, FDR who led us into World War II, and JFK who led us into Vietnam. However, times have changed. Leftists today would have you believe that pacifism is an attribute to be admired – a position of strength when it comes to confronting enemies of America who would seek to destroy our way of life. What they don’t understand, however, is that pacifism kills more lives than it saves.

I can respect the libertarian isolationists. At least they’ll admit that there are times for war. Specifically, when the homeland itself is attacked. Pacifists like Obama are different. They have the audacity to send troops into combat zones, without any plan or intention of ever winning our battles. The lives of our troops are often sacrificed for political expediency, while the media turn a blind eye. Here’s what the late Christian apologist C.S. Lewis had to say in his book, “Mere Christianity,” about the pacifist:

“War is a dreadful thing, and I can respect an honest pacifist, though I think he is entirely mistaken. What I cannot understand is this sort of semi-pacifism you get nowadays which gives people the idea that though you have to fight, you ought to do it with a long face and as if you were ashamed of it.”

I believe that quote sums up our president’s sentiments exactly. He’s OK with war – excuse me, kinetic activity, as long as he doesn’t have to admit it. It is a fair argument to suggest we should not have invaded Iraq after Sept. 11, although I’d disagree. It should be equally fair to say President Obama should not have haphazardly removed U.S. troops from the region, which incidentally led to the rise of ISIS. Obama’s policies have caused more wars, death and destruction in the Middle East, not fewer.

Furthermore, by aligning our nation with the mullahs of Iran in his unilateral nuke deal, Obama made it clear to our enemies and allies alike that not only was there never any intention to hold the president of Syria Bashar al-Assad to his ridiculous “red line,” ultimately we’d have to help him defend it. Obama’s pacifism has led to the resurgence of Russia under Vladimir Putin, who killed our allies on the ground defending Bashar al-Assad. President Obama, should’ve seen this coming. Unfortunately, pacifists are more concerned with optics than actuality.

Consider Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and the seeming proxy wars that have taken place under Obama’s leadership that have benefitted the Muslim Brotherhood. To this day, no one in his administration has adequately explained why it was crucial to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power in Libya. The nation is now in total chaos.

Additionally, Obama has meddled in the affairs of other sovereign nations in the Middle East far too often. Recall the former dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak. He was a friend to the U.S. But during the uprisings of 2011 in Egypt, our president supported Muslim Brotherhood dictator Mohammed Morsi’s takeover. To Obama’s dismay, in 2013 Morsi would be removed from the presidency by the Egyptian Army and replaced with a man friendly to Western values – President Al-Sisi.

Now, in the last couple of weeks President Obama has sent 50 Special-ops troops into Syria! Why? This man should not be trusted with our military! His wrongful decisions on foreign policy has lead to millions being displaced in the Middle East, Christians being virtually wiped out by ISIS, and our soldiers and allies dying without a just cause.

President Obama hasn’t avoided war! He’s set the stage for World War III, and it’s time Americans knows it.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/11/president-obama-is-a-warmonger/#WyquojYcCMdW8X4K.99



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