On this podcast show Carl Jackson Guest Hosts on The Dennis Prager Show Podcast. This show is title "6 Reasons Black Christians Must Denounce Black Lives Matter."
On this podcast show Carl Jackson talks about how "Intersectionality Has Replaced Christianity as the New Moral Code."
On this podcast show Carl Jackson speaks to how the Obama Administration was riddled with Scandal.
In these days, common sense is in short supply. This week on "Tell It Like It Is" Carl gives Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell and New York governor Andrew Cuomo the loser...
On this part of the Carl Jackson show Carl speaks about getting justice for Ahmaud Arbery the jogger from Georgia. At this time Gregory and Travis McMichael arrested on Murder charges.
On this part of the Carl Jackson show Carl talks about how the salon owner Shelly Luther is a Hero
On this show I interviewed nationally syndicated radio host, Author and founder of Prager U, Dennis Prager.
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Strategic Voting: Right Reaction, Wrong Solution https://soundcloud.com/thecarljacksonshow/strategic-voting-right-reaction-wrong-solution


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